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Curbed SizeChopper™: 645 East 11th Street

Awhile back, Ask Curbed turned our steel-eyed gaze on the semi-legal, semi-acceptable, and totally annoying practice of apartment square footage chopping. Today, a tipster emails:

Can you please, please, please call bullshit on some of these ridiculous square footages that brokers are claiming? Here's a full floor condo (above) from Elliman that claims "approx 1400 sf." It's a rectangular building with no cutouts, so computation should be easy. But a little addition reveals that the building is 23.5' x 55'. So the gross square footage of the floor is max 1292.5 sf. But wait -- there's a stairwell outside the apartment. How big is that? It looks to be about 100 sf. So tops we're talking less than 1200 sf.Asking $995,000, fwiw. More SizeChopping examples? You know what to do.
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