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Living the Urinal Moment

As if last week's news about new NYC street toilets, and House & Home's obsessing about the see-thru bathrooms supposedly sweeping Manhattan wasn't enough, today New York turns over a home design feature to the glory that is the New Bathroom. Hey, who can resist a featurette with a headline like "Future Toilets"? Not us, for sure. Until, that is, we stumbled upon the caption for the image rendered above right: "Urinals are the new bidets, popping up in forward-thinking homes from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side."

Okay, we gotta ask. Among Curbed's august readership, has anyone out there actually installed a urinal in their apartment? If you have, and are willing to send along a digital picture of the thing, we'll love you forever—even as we mock you beyond your wildest dreams from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side.
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