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Chelsea Ladder: Less Than $500k

[After having some difficulty shopping at the high end in the East Village on Friday, this week, we turn to Chelsea (and the Meatpacking District), where we'll climb the price ladder from six- to eight-figures. Today, we begin with apartments priced under $500,000.]

1) What/Where: 1BR, W. 16th (7th & 8th)
Asking: $365k
The Skinny: We kick off our ladder this week with our first apartment that actually has a ladder (see loft space above the living room -- or, as we like to call it in cases like this, the not-the-bedroom). We are not staging experts, but let's just say there's a lot of stuff in this apartment. Exposed brick, eat-in kitchen, loft are highlights. As is, presumably, the price tag.
· Listing: 227 West 16th Street [Elliman]

2) What/Where: 1BR, W. 18th (8th & 9th)
Asking: $495k
The Skinny: What to make of a listing that boasts of the building's elevator in the second sentence? (Pro: ride it every day; con: rarely sleep or watch TV in it.) Either way, there are hardwood floors, southern exposures, and a decent-sized bedroom. The kitchen does not appear to accept sit-down diners.
· Listing: 319 W. 18th St. [Warburg]

3) What/Where: 1BR, W. 21St. (8th & 9th)
Asking: $499k
The Skinny: There are some crazy angles in there, and the bedroom, with it blue glow and retro sheets, is freaking us out a little. But the south-facing living room and the newly renovated kitchen are shining. 550sqft. Also, good news for your doll collection: "Everything you own will find a happy home in this perfect apartment," says the listing.
· Listing: 333 W. 21st St., 1FE [Bellmarc]

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