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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Scarlett Jo Goes Tribeca

1) Who cares if the 1901 Henry Janeway Hardenbergh Textile Building may lose 66? The luxury Tribeca conversion just got a fresh celeb injection, with news that Scarlett Johansson has picked up a duplex condo in the building for just under $2 million. The apartment has 22' ceilings and every luxury amenity you can imagine, minus a zen meditation room or putting green (but we're sure they can whip something up). The doorman better be menacing enough to scare off all the stalkers who are reading this. [William Neuman/Big Deal]
2) The irony of buying a luxury condo in a building with portraits of Marx and Engels carved into it is not lost on Tatum O'Neal, who was spotted checking out the Forward Building on the Lower East Side. She sold her loft on Great Jones Street in December for $2.1 million. Michael Calderone/Manhattan Transfers]
3) Novelist A.M. Homes was so distraught over not landing a free parking sticker for the East Hampton beaches last summer that she decided to pony up and buy a three-bedroom house within the village boundaries. [William Neuman/Big Deal]
4) Advertising guru and CNBC host Donny Deutsch got outbid on his $21 million offer for a six-story townhouse on East 78th Street, but the owner decided to sell it to him anyway because he liked Deutsch's brokerr. Warburg's Kate Meckler can expect a nice Christmas card from the Double D this year. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]
5) Former New York Times editor Howell Raines has been renting out his West 11th Street townhouse for some time now (Christina Applegate was a tenant once), but he has finally sold off the 18-foot-wide home for $3.5 million. Raines has been living in his Pennsylvania country house, presumably far far away from anyone who could give a shit about Jayson Blair. [The Real Estate]