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It Happened One Weekend: M-M-M-My Caledonia

1) The Related Companies, with the help of interior designer "Clodagh," is putting up a 26-story condo on 17th Street right on the High Line. The development, called the Caledonia (zen interior above), will be one of the few buildings with its own entrance to the High Line park, something that seems totally unfair until you find out that Related got stuck building a public entrance and elevator in return. Actually, it still seems kind of unfair. Studios begin at $595,000, and a penthouse goes for $4 million. [William Neuman/Big Deal]
2) A sales report on some of last year's biggest new buildings (1600 Broadway, One Kenmare Square) shows that they're all doing fairly well, except for 505 Court, which has sold only 20% of its units. And finally, an answer to the question of who wants to live in Times Square: nobody who's actually from New York. [Dakota Smith/NYPost]
3) Extell's Avery, last seen trying to wow buyers with a private Seal concert, will eventually offer monthly concerts by Julliard students in the building's common areas. In addition to having children pimped out for them, residents will also have access to Lincoln Center seats usually reserved for donors. [C.J. Hughes/Posting]
4) The Post singles out six new developments that are currently tickling their fancy, including buildings in Bushwick and Jersey City and the previously mentioned Caledonia. [NYPost]
5) The first officer of the Queen Mary 2 needed a place to store his crap, so he went on a journey to find a two-bedroom apartment where he could bring in a roommate to watch over the place. He would up on West 106th Street. Enjoy the Red Hook commute, sucker! [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
6) The last prince of the Ottoman Empire lives in a $350/month two-bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side and gets Mayor Bloomberg to fix his ceiling. [Fred A. Bernstein/Habitats]