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Chelsea Ladder #2: $500k to $1mil

[We continue our tour of the Chelsea (and Meatpacking District) market, with a look at three apartments priced between $500k and $1 million.]

1) What/Where: 2BR, W. 21St. (7th & 8th)
Asking: $750k
The Skinny: Red room. Red room. Euro-thread runs through the listing. (See "one gets the feeling of being in an elegant, sophisticated Parisian flat" and "the kitchen boasts Euro-style fixtures.") Looks like Chelsea, Manhattan to us, but we are uncivilized. In contract.
· Listing: 223 W. 21st St., Apt. 5L [Citi-Habitats]

2) What/Where: 1BR, W. 23rd (8th & 9th)
Asking: $865k
The Skinny: This apartment isn't just south-facing, it's "completely south facing," which makes us wonder whether it's also completely 800 square feet, or just in the neighborhood. Private garden with spa tub buttresses the greenhouse guestroom, which is carpeted in some sort of tarp.
· Listing: 356 West 23rd Street [Corcoran]

3) What/Where: 2BR, W. 29th (8th & 9th)
Asking: $875k
The Skinny: will not rank among the greatest FSBO sites of all-time (love that fade-out photo), but points for trying. Brownstone co-op floor-through with an eat-in kitchen and, hey, what's that photo in the corner? A lap pool...four blocks away at the Chelsea Rec Center.
· Listing: 345 W. 29th St., Apt. 4 [ via NYT]

· Chelsea Ladder: Less Than $500k [Curbed]