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Roach Rant: Pleas for Pest Control in Stuy Town

What is it about Stuyvesant Town that inspires such strongly worded rants? (You will recall, for instance, Gothamist's recent "REDONKULOUS" diatribe on rents.) Today, the topic is one likely near and dear to many a New Yorker: roaches. Er, make that ROACHES!

Not included in the brochure was information about ROACHES! It began shortly after I moved in. I started coming home to roaches. Not just one or two--- but DOZENS each day! Mostly in the kitchen, under the sink, under the refrigerator, under the stove, on the counter, in the cupborads...disgusting. I know you are thinking I must be a pig, but I am clean. And my girlfriend is even cleaner, so the apartment is not a pig sty.

So, I called maintanence for "extermination." Hmmm, after about 4 sessions of "extermination" nothing had changed. So I tried myself. Roach sprays, traps, boric acid, posion gel, anti-roach ultrasound emitters, taping up every hole in the wall I could find. But still, my apartment was full of ROACHES! It is now March and the problem continues. Today I found one IN THE DISHWASHER! Imagine big roaches swimming around in the dishwasher on all your "clean" dishes. ... It is truly unbearable. I am leaving Stuy Town in a few months and I am counting down the days!

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