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Curbed Fixer-Upper #2: Well Cured in Billyburg

[All week, Curbed gazes at apartments and buildings on the market and in need of a little love. Got a nominee? Drop the link or some pix to]

After yesterday's jaunt to Carroll Gardens, we're heading up the BKLYN waterfront to Williamsburg. There, blogger Red Sauce checked out a $949,000 gutjob, writing, "It was filled with dead pigeon parts and was covered about two feet high with rotting mattresses, broken pieces of wood and parts of the roof were strewn about. When a former crack den is priced at nearly $1 million it can make you think that real estate may be the new food." Intrigued? Check out its listing.

Oh, and speaking of food, what's that on the front steps, ripe for the pluckin'? Hit the jump for the full glory.

FREE BACON!!! Take that, Brownstone Brooklyn!

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