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Rumblings & Bumblings: Stuck in Park

[Actual questions posed by actual readers below. If you know the answer, or have some sweet digital pics detailing the action, send 'em to drop a note in the comments below. Answers sanitized for your protection on Thursday.]

1) East Village: "just wondering if you guys have info on what the story is with the construction at the end of my street- the corner of 2nd and B. beat up old building with scaffolding that has been there for ages...."
2) Midtown West: "Tonight my fiancé and I had dinner at Shelly's (104 W. 57th) and were told that they were about to move across 6th Avenue, as the building they currently occupy and the one next door (presumably #108, which was liberally decorated with LOST OUR LEASE signs) were about to be torn down and replaced with "a high-rise". I assume more condos, of course, but it's always possible that something even more sinister might be afoot. Anyone know what's taking over?
3) Chelsea: "maybe i missed it, perhaps this has been brought up before. i was walking home yesterday and noticed on the west side of 6th avenue between 29th and 30th street that every single store has closed within one week's time on the entire stretch of the block. the parking garage operating in the building (a two story garage that runs the length of the block with the forementioned closed businesses) is still in operation (and has very cool 60s-ish metal grille work....see attached pic). is the whole block to become yet another giant rental unit? ugh."

After jump, more Chelsea fun, including an update on the buiding across the intersection from the famous "my old lady hearts neckface" building and a picutre of the Olympia Deli demo.

3a) Chelsea: "Someone was asking about the olympia deli demolition on 25th and 6th ave, SW corner (see comment #7). There's asebetos in the building, so rather than simply knocking it down, they're doing it by hand. They're taking it down from the top floor with jackhammers, sledge hammers and crowbars. Here's some pix taken from 24th St. this morning (3/24, see above). They're dismantling the building, but haven't bothered to take down the fabric "billboard" for Munch, letting it sag as they knock out the bricks."
3b) Chelsea: "regarding the weird building on the northwest corner of 7th avenue and 22nd street (diagonal from my old lady hearts neckface), it now has a sticker on the front door from an inspector stating that the roof is in danger of collapsing and that the owner must immediately telephone the department of buildings. several months ago they were clearing out that building of tons of junk and doing some window work/framing on the top floors (had been exposed to the elements and birds for years)--i asked one of the "bosses" what was going on and he refused to say anything! the building is a mystery to me and all my friends. who owns it? what is up with the junk still in it? blah blah blah."