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Real Estate Poetry: Drunken Jay in EVill

You thought that Real Estate Poetry would be a one-shot thing, right? (Heck, we thought so, too.) Then we met self-proclaimed former real estate agent and current Drunken Poet Jay Wachowski, and watched his intoxicating and yes, intoxicated, video tour of the East Village. His opening monologue, which only sort of rhymes:

I've tread these streets, my head held in woe / Read the pages of Yeats / May have perhaps sealed my fate.But for our money, a more poetic moment comes later in the scene, depicted at right, when Jay attempts to move the cube at Astor Place: "The Astor monument, aka The Alamo. It doesn't spin?!? Maybe I was drunk when I saw that." Yeah, that must be it. If this is what happens to failed NYC real estate agents, we should start collecting for a relief fund or beer fund or something.
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