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It's Curtains (of Glass!) for Former Verizon Building

Glad tidings for Bryant Park and environs. The former Verizon Building at 1095 Avenue of the Americas is getting a snazztastic new look from new-ish owners Equity Office Properties. That'll placate the folks at New York, who named the building one of NYC's eight ugliest skyline blights back in 2003:

NEW YORK TELEPHONE COMPANY BUILDING, 1095 Sixth Avenue, opposite Bryant Park, by Kahn & Jacobs (1974): This bland tower makes an unsuccessful try at collaging three architectural scales together—medium, tall, and Goliathan—to warm up the company's image. Cold to the touch; needs a face-lift.Looks like someone was listening. Notes the Post's Steve Cuozzo, "The redesign by Moed de Armas & Shannon Architects will strip off the dated-looking terra cotta and replace it with a curtain wall of energy-efficient, green-tinted glass—giving the appearance of a brand-new building."
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