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Corcoran Gets Real, Offends REALTOR®

Just because Barbara Corcoran is out of the real estate game doesn't mean she can't still ruffle a few feathers in her old biz. Babs did a segment on Good Morning America on the 24th in which she brought up things that a realtor might intentionally not tell a client (never!). Included in her list of things a broker might not tell a buyer were "I think the house is overpriced," "I'm going to show you a crappy house first to lower your expectations," and, uh, "A new house won't save your marriage!" National Association of Realtors President Thomas M. Stevens, who apparently believes a new house will save your marriage, took offense with the segment, and the organization fired off this press release yesterday:

The segment "gave a very inaccurate, grossly misleading and unfair depiction of the nation's REALTORS®," says Stevens. "Several of the allegations made by the guest described practices that violate the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, such as intentionally misrepresenting a property and could be grounds for suspension of membership. Because of the Code, all REALTORS® know such behavior is wrong."Point taken, but we can't help but wonder about something. We may just be grasping at straws here, but does the dude actually say "registered trademark!" after every time he utters the word "realtor?" Because that would be pretty damn weird.
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