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Curbed SizeChopper™: 5 East 16th Street

Yesterday we put a call out for more listings where realtors appear to have performed some dubious arithmetic when it comes to square footage. Today a tipster sends along this $3.8 million full-floor loft in the Union Square area that boasts of 4,100sf of awesomeness. He computes:

Using their own measurements, you have a rectangle 77’8” by 46’, which is 3,572 s.f, not even close to 4,100. And that 3,572 includes what looks like 250-300 s.f. for a building stairwell and 2 elevators, so figure the actual s.f. of the apartment is somewhere around 3,300 s.f., not 4,100 s.f.Indeed, by plugging the numbers into our very own Microsoft Windows XP calculator (and even generously rounding up the 77'8"), we came up far short of 4,100 square feet. So is this a blatant example of SizeChopping, or are they pulling that bullshit "building common areas factored into square footage" thing? Man, we hate that.
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