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40 Bond Website Grows; Internet 200% More Expensive

It's a good day around Curbed HQ, because we just found out that the full 40 Bond website is up and running. Before you lose the next 20 minutes of your life clicking around, let us at least point out our three favorite things on it:

1) The pictures, of course! Finally an up-close view of the infamous "graffiti sculpture," which we're pretty sure will be made out of White-Out. And check out the undulating lobby design. You didn't think this building would escape the undulating tag, did you?
2) The Ian Schrager quotes that pepper the different sections of the website: It's the art of living, not the job of living, you got it?!
3) The videos, of course! The Ian Schrager video interview is great ("It's like someone took a skeleton and dipped it in a bowl of wet sugar!") but we're digging the multimedia video, which eschews the downer smooth jazz on so many other development websites in favor of an upbeat synthy dance number by Goldfrapp. Stick that in your Etta James, Blue!

Not that we haven't seen these types of stunts before with Schrager. Just check out that other building. And we're definitely not mad at it. Because as old institutions fade and social structures crumble, nationality and class are being replaced by lifestyle, ya know?
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