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Curbed Fixer-Upper #3: Hamilton Heights (Hostel) Hottie

[All week on Curbed, properties in need of a little tender lovin' get theirs. Got a nominee? Kick it to the Curbed tipline:]

The website of Harlem broker Willie Kathryn Suggs is always a fixer-upper's dream. As Harlem has picked up over the past few years, though, the ruined townhouse shells that once filled its listings have given way to nicer digs. There are, however, still fixer-uppers to be found, like this 5,000sqft limestone-clad townhouse in the Hamilton Heights historic district. Reads the listing prose, "Live in while you renovate/restore to your taste"—the taste of plaster dust, that is. Price on request.
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UPDATE: Sez a commenter, "Wow! That used to be the Sugar Hill Int'l House hostel up until just recently. It's right on St. Nick just above 145th St. This is hilarious—I've stayed in that room in the picture on the right twice." More inside.

BONUS: The Daily News dispatched a reporter to the scene of yesterday's Curbed Fixer-Upper, that $949,000 Williamsburg gem. No bacon to be found, but check out the price escalation history: "In October, a developer bought the property for $235,000 from Alizabeth Arroyo, a Connecticut woman, records show. Four months later, the developer resold the property - with no apparent major repairs - for a cool $680,000, according to property records."
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