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Ask Curbed: Who's Got My View?

Ask Curbed week sailing along breezily so far. Monday offered insight into condo insurance, while yesterday dug into the no-fee broker world. What's on tap for today? Glad you asked. It's a follow-up of sorts to a special NYC psychological query that Ask Curbed recently addressed:

I am looking to buy a loft on West 22nd between Fifth & Sixth. On 21st Street there are several parking lots that I am trying to figure out if they have plans for building on, because if they do, it would impact my view/light as the loft looks south. What is the best way to get skinny on this? I have checked the Community Board sites but was wondering if you have any other suggestions to learn what might be happening.
Got the scoop? You know what to do. Got a question yourself? We're all ears.
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