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Cool New Thing: RealEstateABC Takes on Zillow

TechCrunch points us to the secret beta of a putative Zillow competitor called RealEstateABC. Like Zillow, RealEstateABC provides quick property estimates mapped for your browsing convenience. But it adds some wrinkles. Says TechCrunch:

The name isn't as cool and the design isn’t as fluid as Zillow, but it may be better in some ways. For instance, Real Estate ABC allows users to adjust property values for a particular property with an Ajax slider. Adjustable property factors include Interior, Exterior, Lot Size, View, Privacy/Noise and Local Market Conditions.The sliders are indeed pretty cool. For instance, adjusting the "Cold-Hot" market slider on the West Village property above changed the estimated price from $2.82 million to $3.176 million. Which is correct? Who cares! We got to play with a cool slider thing! (For more slider action, click the "Adjust Value" tab on property pages like that above.) Those out there who also like to play: Zillow, RealEstateABC, neither?
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