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Inside the Zum Schneider Petition: Noise, Rent, Yelling!

[Photograph by roboppy on Flickr]

As we noted last week, Avenue C beergarden Zum Schneider wants you to sign an online petition to stop its purported eviction. Checking in today, 1,208 folks have signed—though what impact 1,208 random signatures will have remains to be seen. Still, this all begs the question: is Zum being pressured out due to rent increases, a la Second Avenue Deli, or noise increases, as another potential victim in the East Village noise war? Two Curbed commenters offer alternate takes:

1) "I got the info: Zum Schneider's landlord is trying to force them out over noise complaints from their recent Karneval Galaktikal and from their patio seating. They're suing, and when the cops came over complaints they always dismissed the situation."
2) "A Zum Schneider waitress yelled at us on our way out because we wouldn't sign their petition. This was after we spent $300 there, no less. A friend went back inside to discuss the little incident with another waitress, who told my friend the issue with ZS and their landlord is about rent, not about noise complaints."

The yelling waitress—we'll miss her most, should Zum Schneider pass on.
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