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Journey To Bleecker Street: It's Fun!

Today's NY Post has an article about how Bleecker Street is a hot destination for high-end retailers. Call us crazy, but we figured that stopped being news when Ralph Lauren opened across the street from Marc Jacobs about three years ago. Or maybe it stopped being news when Magnolia Bakery was on Sex and The City. Or maybe when New York covered this micro-nabe in January 2005. Oh case you're still wondering what all the fuss is about:

Peter Ripka, principal of Ripco Real Estate, said Bleecker has become a destination retail center "because people like to go on a little bit of a shopping journey." Ripka explained, "The stores aren't as crowded, it's charming, and you are among creative types." Besides, as two uptown girls swinging Intermix shopping bags shared, "It's a great place to shop and have lunch."
Journey or not, with new stores moving in and rents climbing fast we can't help but wonder: what about the little guy? "Abdul Knusraty, whose Husraty Afghan Imports has been a fixture on the northwest 10th Street corner for 27 years, has been offered princely sums to give up the remaining 10 years of his lease. 'But what about tomorrow?' the Afghan refugee asked as he mulled selling the family operated business. He's also not charmed by the new shoppers: 'They come in and look but don't buy,' Knusraty said."
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