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Eau Du Bowery Update: 'Pure Bittersweet Disaffectedness'

Back in the day, we reported on Bond No. 9's perfumes based on NYC neighborhoods—Eau De Noho, Nouveau Bowery, and the like. With a bunch of new neighborhoods joining the Bond No. 9 lineup, blogger Copyranter susses the motivations behind the new scents:

Union Square—overpowering fresh produce with a middle note of un-deodorized protester.
Astor Place—pure bittersweet disaffectedness.
West Side Story—top notes of baby shit with a base of unwashed sweatpants.
Fire Island—(I really don’t have to say it, do I?)

Sutton Place—old money and death.More fun in the comments: "Mine would be a blend of two scents, Chinatown and Lower East Side - a rich mix of hipster extracts, independently brewed coffee and i-banker vomit."
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