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The Most Expensive Mustard Ever

Williamsburg's vacant, decrepit Old Dutch Mustard Company building?reported to be on the market for $25 million?has been sold, according to a Curbed tipster. The buyer is supposedly commercial developer Steiner Equities, known for Steiner Studios at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and the price was $25 million, sorta. Four other properties were bundled in the deal: 92 Metropolitan Ave., a one-story warehouse at 49 North 1st St., a one-story garage at 73 North 1st St. and a vacant lot at 53 North 1st Street. How this factors into the landmark campaign, we can't say. Commence petitioning.
· Williamsburg's Old Dutch Mustard Building, Inside and Out [Curbed]

[Old Dutch photos via UrbanFoto, 'natch]