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Move to Newark, Master 7-10 Split

Normally a press release about a new Newark rental building wouldn't really tickle our fancy, but the subject line boasting of the area's "First Luxury Rental Tower in 40 Years" kind of piqued our interest. Plus, the uber-Manhattanish name of Eleven80, combined with the included picture (we kinda like the classy look), made it seem worthy of a click. The website immediately blitzed us with upbeat music and picture after picture of people who look like they're in their 20's, so we assumed that this rental building is for the young at heart. We surfed over to amenities to confirm, and sure enough, the building is equipped with an indoor basketball court, billiard lounge and entertainment room sporting a PlayStation and XBox. Oh yeah, and there's a sweet-as-hell four-lane bowling alley! Gah! Would you believe that the words "bowling alley" don't appear in the press release until the fifth paragraph?! This is definitely a trend we can get behind. Take that, putting greens and zen meditation rooms!

Oh, and here's some stats: "The 35-story residence, at 1180 Raymond Boulevard, comprises 317 studio, one- and two-bedroom homes with rental prices ranging from $1,355 to $3,565. The residences, which will be ready for occupancy in July, vary in size from 623 to 1,386 square feet. " And there's m'f'in bowling!
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