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A Harlem Offer You Can't Refuse

Freebies. We all love them, and real estate buyers are no exception. We've spotlighted some other giveaways before?Vespas, Shvookies, Jack Klugman appearances?but like we learned from The Price is Right, the best way to grab someone's attention is by giving away a car. We direct you to this listing for an empty lot in Harlem:

Buy Now...Drive home with a Free 2005 Nissant Setra with 5000 Miles. Must sell by 04/25/06 VACANT 18/100 LOT with approved plans located between Park and Madison Avenue. Subject lot has approved plans for 6 Story building with private key Elevator.Above, a rendering of what we assume the property looks like, given that the listing offers no pictures.
· Listing: 57 East 130th Street [Elliman]