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Chelsea Ladder #3: $1 mil to $2 mil

[We continue our tour of the Chelsea (and Meatpacking District) market, with a look at three apartments priced between $1 million and $2 million, which seems to be a Chelsea sweetspot.]

1) What/Where: 2BR, W. 21St. (9th & 10th)
Asking: $1.25 mil
The Skinny: What better way to start today's tour than with a "sun-drench[er]?" Kitchen looks a little cozy, as does the second bedroom, but there are 1050sqft, the listing says, which should leave plenty of room for your wicker furniture. 400sqft terrace.
· Listing: 411 W. 21st St. [Stribling]

2) What/Where: 3BR, W. 23th (7th & 8th)
Asking: $1.7 mil
The Skinny: This isn't the prettiest block on the, er, block, but everything's bright and shiny inside. Colored walls, exposed brick, Mr. Clean floors. 1800sqft, 2 Baths. Listing says "loftastic," and we may be inclined to agree if we wanted to encourage that sort of language. Open house house Sunday 1-3. Check out the "Mondrian-inspired" windows for yourself.
· Listing: 345 W. 29th St., Apt. 4 [JC DeNiro]

3) What/Where: 2BR, W. 26th (6th & 7th)
Asking: $1.75 mil
The Skinny: When we hear "clean open features," we think Noxema commercial. But, hey, Chelsea loft! Plenty of "white maple 4" wide plank wood floors" in view, even with the gigantic four-post bed mucking things up. Building converted in '01. 1753sqft. Compare and contrast with above.
· Listing: 150 W. 26th St. [Halstead]

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