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Friday Afternoon in the Universe Roundup

A handful of tantalizing questions found their way into the Curbed inbox this week, and while not quite Rumblings-worthy, they nonetheless deserve our love...

2006_03_arrow.jpg1) Tribeca: "Who/What is that amazing junk-filled Winnebago on Clarkson Street and Hudson Street?"
2) Murray Hill: "I have always been curious about this, and you're the one to ask. What is that large, creepy behemoth of a building north of Bellevue Hospital on 1st Ave? There are murals of animals on the ground-floor exterior and a large iron gate surrounding the building. It appears as though the building is somewhat occupied - curtains blowing through open windows and overhead lights are often seen from the outside, but it looks far too decrepit for anyone to be paying to live there. Is it part of Bellevue, a homeless shelter, a squat? I need to know!!"
3) Brooklyn Heights: "I heard that Ihop is coming to Montague St in Brooklyn Heights. Haven't had a chance to walk up and check it out for myself. Is it true? I've always thought that a bright blue roof would really class up Brooklyn Heights." (Perhaps someone's dream is finally coming true?)

If you're in the know on any of the above, drop an email or a comment our way. Meantime, what's the image illustrating this post? The Tribeca Trib reported on it last month: "Alan Solomon, a former real estate broker who now deals in antique lumber, does not know for certain what the mysterious shapes built into the wall of a 168-year-old building at 211 Pearl Street are all about." This month, a letter writer to the Trib explains what she thinks it means. More theories?
· Pearl Street Symbol is a Center of Mystery [Tribeca Trib]
· Possible Explanation for the Mystery Symbol [Tribeca Trib, last item]