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More Scary Ratner Visions in Prospect Heights

Because opponents of developer Forest City Ratner's Insta-Skyline just love spooking themselves out with more and more horrific What-If images, we submit yet another screenshot from "Fear Factor: Ratnerville," courtesy of OnNYTurf, who promises that Monday will see the launch of "a new Google Map of the Atlantic Yards area that journals the neighborhood, and a look at the future landscape if Ratner's plan for the yards is built. Set your DVRs.
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In other Ratner-critique news, Norman Oder, star of the epic saga that was TimesRatnerReport, has closed that digital tome and launched into another one: Atlantic Yards Report, where he recently took up the debate over what percentage of fans would use public transit to get to the proposed Brooklyn Nets arena. More fun than getting picked last for playground b'ball.
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