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Curbed Readers Comments: Hot Threads

1) East Village Noice Wars Update: EU Denied License (60 comments)
"Let me get this straight, the NIMBY's hate the noise from clubs and bars, yet they seek to stop quiet, high-end restaurants from opening? I don't get it. A nice restaurant would encourage bar/club owners to upgrade to quieter, more upscale uses."
2) Cool Cars, Hot Boobs at 255 Hudson (26 comments)
"The girls are not naked, they have paint on. And men can like cars and like women with paint on and not be complete pigs."
3) Meiermania Hits Philadelphia Hard (23 comments)
"There's nothing stunning about that building. It looks like an aircraft carrier standing on its end. Nor is it structurally interesting -- there are many buildings in nyc that are in the same vein, including Meier's own in the neighborhood currently known as Miami-on-the-Hudson."
4) The Official Alternatives to Craigslist List (22 comments)
"Everybody is b*ching about CL. Times change, the real estate market changes, this isn't a new thing. Since when have brokers and agents not been able to change with the times? Winter, summer, spring and fall. Different season, different market. Go with the flow people, CL charging wont shut down the committed agents.."