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Eater Tastings: NoMeat, NoLiquor

More good dish from the Curbed/SLNY NYC restaurant blog Eater...

1) In NoMeat, it's the the new Kitchen Stadium Hotness: the latest on Starr neighbors, Batali (molto stars), Morimoto, and Colicchio, mapped for your dining convenience (above).
2) Speaking of Batali and his three stars, the smart money was right, Henry Kravis is negotiating Mario's lease, and Bruni blogs about the breadcrumbs leading him home.
3) Speaking of restaurants surfing the genius of ponytailed men, enjoying a last meal at 71 Clinton Fresh Food.
4) Meanwhile, the rest of the city is drying up. Shocking late-week news from Tribeca, where the State Liquor Authority is reportedly threatening Cercle Rouge, Tribeca Tavern, and Bubble Lounge with liquor license revocations. This on the heels of the EV EU drought. Our advice for the weekend: drink up.

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