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Rumblings & Bumblings: I Shall Call It Mini-THOR

[Responses to Tuesday's Rumblings were so robust, we were forced to give ourselves an extra 24 hours to process them. Got your own burning question about something going up or coming down in your neighborhood? Email and we'll see what we can do.]

1) Upper East Side: A reader question about the block of First Avenue at 72nd Street brought a near-record number of responses. (Perhaps because we've covered it before?) Says one sober respondent, "Cornell Hospital owns the entire block and is building faculty housing. They wil be starting construction in a few months." Adds another, "All of those buildings will be razed to make way for the new structure." Chimes in a third, "I have a friend who lives in that area (corner of 71 & 1)… He was a big fan of the upscale 'Chickenfest' that was formerly on 71st." Mmmm, Chickenfest.
2) Upper West Side: What's up with the former A&P site on West End Ave. and 70th? "Well the property is supposedly still owned by ACP Realty, and they were planning to build a large residential tower, until oops they never got the building permit to actually build the tower, so now they are stuck in limbo and the neighbors are stuck with a gaping hole in the ground."
3) Chelsea: In the space where Suite 16 closed, there's now Boudoir. Notes a reader, "Recently opened by Vanity Fair writer George Wayne, Park Avenue architect Daniel LaPorte, Chelsea industrialist Gunther Bilali, and nightlife guru Francois Emond. But but the time I hit 'Send,' it may have shut down and reopened as yet another club." More details at UrbanDaddy, for which we have to thank for the alluring photograph above.
5) East Village: "It's going to be condos. Curbed showed the renderings months back," a commenter notes. Hmmm, what'd we do with that link? Uh, this one, right?
6) East Village: A question about what's being built on St. Marks between First and Second spurred a debate in the comments thread about the project's developer. Point: "Gene Kaufman is a good architect. should be a nice building." Counterpoint: "gene kaufman did the proposal for schaefer's landing, the hotel on w24th and 6th in chelsea, and some others ... i wouldnt say these buildings are 'nice.' nice for a developer? yes. aesthetically appealing? not so much."
7) Lower East Side: Conspiracy theory time! A building going up on Stanton Street just west of Clinton looks to be condos. Or maybe not: "I heard some disturbing rumors, which I hope are not true. A usually knowledeable friend in the neighborhood said that Paul Stallings (of Curbed fave THOR) is building another hotel there. He said that the permit is for only 6 stories or so, but that the construction workers told him that concrete is on order for 12 stories, and that they are going to fudge the permits later. Please, someone, tell me this isn't true!" Adds another tipster, mysteriously: "On August 9, 2005 Stalling signed a 'Declarations of Zoning Lot Restrictions' with made 29 Clinton (a/k/a 168 Stanton) and 164-166 Stanton one lot for the purposes of zoning as per the Zoning Resolution effective December 15, 1961, as amended August 18, 1977." Hmmmmmm.
8) Williamsburg: And last, we come to the radioactive hole. What's the story? You'll have to jump for this one.

Three reports on query number eight, that Billyburg radioactive pit:

1) "The site had some environmental issues, but not radioactive material, and as far as I know, they are good to go now. The developers of this project have a few of nice developments done in the burg already, so I hope they won't disappoint us here."

2) "Regarding No. 8, the Jackson St site. I believe the site was a former paint factory and the soil was/is contaminated. There are cracks in the wall of a neighboring building caused by digging on the site and a portion of the security fence between the property and adjacent buildings was missing as of a few weeks ago. DOB unfortunately favors the developers over the safety of the surrounding community. You are right to be wary. Keep watch and make calls if anything seem unkosher. 311 is a good place to start. You can also look at the DOB website and watch that address for violations. Pity the poor condo buyers. Luv canal? I haven't heard anything about radioactivity but anything is possible in the current climate of Williamsburg building frenzy. The surrounding community is paying a tragic price. Problems with development abuse are widespread."

3) "Actually the news about the Jackson St. area is worse than you think. There is a toxic waste storage/disposal plant that stores chemical and radioactive waste. The company is called Radiac and is on Kent Ave. I would guess that the radioactivity found comes from Radiac. You can read about it here. The closest firehouse to the facility was Engine 212- (which had a special chemical foam unit for chemical fires) the famous 'People's Firehouse' which Bloomberg saw fit to close. There is also the Newtown Creek oil spill- 17 million gallons of oil that leaked years ago and is still polluting the area because it was never cleaned up. And then there are the fuel lines undrground that carry fuel to the airport."

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