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Williamsburg Getting Fingered Again?

A few days ago we received this mysterious email about Williamsburg's in-flux Finger building: "The inside track is that Billy B will get the finger after all. And what a beautiful finger it will be! I don't know how I can confirm that just yet, but that's the inside track, and I've got position." Fun! And wouldn't you know it, a tipster then tried to sneak this one by us by commenting on that days-old Finger post instead of emailing this earth-shattering information in:

for the first time in months, there were workers working on the finger building. does that mean things are settled and they are back to building? how tall will it be? can the community still stop it?
We're not sure what to think, but we do know that?if necessary?we have at least 10 more Finger building puns in reserve.
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