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Adventures in Shvranding: The Aurora

Loyal Curbedists will recall the mention earlier this week of the Aurora, the Michael Shvo-marketed loft additions to a Marriott in upper Murray Hill. Despite the thumbprint-secured elevator operation, it turns out some people could get up to Penthouse E, because we received a party report from Tuesday's soiree:

Went to the opening preview of the Aurora -- not the subsidized-housing West Side condo or the life-changing Williamsburg Developers Group unpriced Aurora, but the Michael Shvo-repped Murray Hill near-the-tunnel Aurora -- and was simply floored. Not at $3.4 million for 4 Br, 4 1/2 BA, four corner terraces, ho hum. But more importantly, can this be the first NY condo building with its own cocktail napkins? They're really cute.

Shvo loves all his babies equally, so we have an inkling that there's more Shvoodies (was that one too much of a stretch?) on the horizon. And the important question: How does this compare to the J Condo chocolates?
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