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Plumbers Delight: More Toilet Talk

You have to ask yourself what is going on in this city when two major publications run articles about urinals in the same week. New York made the first splash with its piece on "Future Toilets." Then, today's edition of The Observer dives into the bowl with 1,500 words devoted to the waterless urinals being used in the new One Bryant Park. We're all for green buildings, but this might be a little much:

Mr. Reichardt says that restrooms using waterless urinals smell better because water actually causes a chemical reaction with urine, in which urea is broken down and ammonia released. “We have a silly saying,” he said: “‘Peeing is believing.’”For anyone out there still left wondering, this article may help explain why the Observer is losing a reported $2 million per year. Don't get the wrong impression, we LOVE articles like this, but we're guessing that a 1,500 word piece on urinals doesn't sell a lot of papers.
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