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Chelsea Ladder #4: $2 mil to $5 mil

[We continue our tour of the Chelsea (and Meatpacking District) market, with a look at three apartments priced between $2 million and $5 million.]

1) What/Where: 2BR, W. 17th (6th & 7th)
Asking: $2.08 milion
The Skinny: Hot FSBO action, replete with slick, informative website (albeit with a little of that broker feel). Note that this apartment "surpasses triple mint," a near-mathematical impossibility -- must be the milk glass doors and ultrasuede wall coverings. 1864sqft, designed by Atema Architecture. Open house Sunday, 1-4.
· Listing: 151 W. 17th St., 2G [FSBO/]

2) What/Where: 3BR, 9th Ave. (14th & 15th)
Asking: $3.95 mil
The Skinny: More fun with math: This place has 11 ceilings! Also, there are northern-southern exposures (term of art?). But we're just nitpicking here. The real draw: located in the Porter House, the apartment boasts of its proximity to the Maritime Hotel, Gansevoort Hotel, Spice Market & Chelsea Market. Woo-ee! Amenities up the wazzoo. 2083 sqft.
· Listing: 66 Ninth Avenue [Elliman]

3) What/Where: 3BR, Chelsea (Zip = 10011)
Asking: $3.995 mil
The Skinny: Ooh, "sun-filled." We imagine that to fit between sun-drenched and sun-flooded on the Sotheby's scale. Located in the 10011; anybody got the exact coordinates? Almost 4000 sqft by our math, which is considerably more than 2000, for those scoring at home.
· Listing: Work of Art: Chelsea [Sotheby's]

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