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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Automatic!

[Answers to Tuesday's reader queries, submitted by electronic mail and responsibly submitted comments, below. More questions, answers, and luscious digital pics showcasing development doings about town to drop a note in the comments below.]

1) East Village: Scaffolding report from Alphabet City: "That East Village Bldg at 2nd and B has had scaffolding around it for the entire time I've lived in the neighborhood - almost 20 years." And more: "2nd & B owner lives on one floor by himself - he has always said that he would either condo the building or sell it. Guess he's in no rush." Probably been waiting for the market to heat up.

2) Midtown West: Not clear exactly what sort of highrise is moving Shelley's down the block, but we did learn this fun fact in the comments: "The West 57th Street space that housed Shelley's was originally an Automat, and I think it's the last remaining Automat (shell) in Manhattan." [photo right, Horn & Hardart Automat, 968 6th Ave. between 35th & 36th Sts. (1986), via]
3) Chelsea: Regarding the activity on the west side of 6th avenue between 29th and 30th street, looks like a big old tower developed by J.D. Carlisle. The Sun reports, "The developer is planning to build a $500 million hotel and residential condominium building, which will house a 250-room hotel managed by the Fitzpatrick Group." BONUS: Across the intersection from the Neckface building on 7th and 22nd, where alleged official stickers on the front door warn of structural difficulties, word is "the top floor appears to have been recently finished and framed out with windows...but having been open to the elements for years probably has greatly added to the potential for a roof collapse." Danger, Neckface.
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