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Williamsburg Getting Edgy, but Not the Way You Think

Ever since the drastic Greenpoint/Williamsburg rezoning, we haven't heard much about the 20- to 40-story buildings that are supposed to come in and add thousands of residential units to the Brooklyn waterfront. Well, finally we can account for 1,000 of those units. It's not really worth adding any sort of commentary to this and dulling its impact, so we'll just present it as they do, on their website:

North 5th to North 7th Street, from Kent Avenue to the East River Over one million square feet to be developed on the Williamsburg Brooklyn waterfront in a mix of mid-rise buildings and high-rise towers. Known as “The Edge,” the project includes Brownfield remediation, master planning, waterfront permitting and construction. 1,000 residential units will be built over 100,000 square feet of retail space and parking for over 1,000 cars. A waterfront esplanade will be built along the river, with a recreational and water taxi pier built into the river from North 6th Street. Construction will commence by the spring of 2006.

The only way activists can put a stop to this? By alerting U2's management, probably. Other than that, they're screwed.
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