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End-o'-Week Urban Planning Update-o-Rama

[A quick cheat sheet summarizing where four of NYC's looming massive-scale urban planning projects stand as a contentious week draws to a close...]

1) New Yankee Stadium: After a public hearing on Tuesday, City Council vote is set for next Wednesday. Metro reports today that Bronx delegation support is on shaky ground. Time for Steinbrenner to open his checkbook again. [Metro; more at anti-stadium site OnNYTurf]
2) Nets Stadium: Demolition continues apace in Ratnerland as 585 Dean Street joins Underberg on sledgehammer row. Meantime, workers scurry about on other Dean Street rooftops as seen here. [NY1; NoLandGrab]
3) World Trade Center Site: Scapegoats-a-plenty! Uh, yeah. Upside: now fashionable to blame New Jersey. [NYTimes; The Real Estate; NYPost]
4) Fulton Transit Hub: Lisa Chamberlain looks at the Corbin Building at 11 John Street that's being taken today by eminent domain to make way for the new Fulton Street Transit Center. Good read. [NYTimes]