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Eater Tastings: Sirio's Business

Inside Bouchon Bakery, Thomas Keller's new Time Warner Center joint, where high quality audio-visual goods are just a stone's throw away. Photo by Kalina.

More good dish from the Curbed/SLNY NYC restaurant blog Eater...

1) Brooklyn pizza mecca DiFara's is temporary closed.
2) Sirio says: Le Cirque re-opening May 30. Check the release: "The 27 foot-high semi-circular main dining room with polished ebony panels and a giant abstract 'big top' light shade, will comfortably seat 95 people."
3) Deathwatch: Things aren't looking good for Jovia.
4) A little comp would have gone a long way: Ain't-going-back reports from A Voce, Del Posto, and Cheeks Bakery.

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