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Chelsea Ladder #5: $5 mil and Up

[We conclude our tour of the Chelsea (and Meatpacking District) market, with a look at three apartments priced above $5 million.]

1) What/Where: Townhouse, W. 23th (9th & 10th)
Asking: $5.1 milion
The Skinny: Chelsea fish pond, all yours for just a shade over $5 mil. They'll even throw in a brownstone for free. The photos highlight the wide range of decorating possibilities. Also, note that "at the moment the building has 3 tenants on short leases, one in the garden apartment and two on floors 4 and 5." Quick, somebody rescue them.
· Listing: 462 West 23rd Street [CBHC via NYT]

2) What/Where: 3BR, 7th Ave. (17th & 18th)
Asking: $8.6 mil
The Skinny: L-shaped loft. Part of the L is currently lopped off into a "minimalist bright income producing apartment." Do not miss the library stacks. "Truly lucid residence," says the listing. Thank god somebody's making sense around here. 6000sqft.
· Listing: 106 Seventh Ave. [Elliman]

3) What/Where: 3BR, W. 17th (7th & 8th)
Asking: $10.995 mil
The Skinny: "The drama unfolds as the elevator doors open." Holy shit! Are those Dornbracht fixtures, you say. We would note all the other fancy touches (see esp. Duravit bidet and commode), but, kids, we got places to be tomorrow. Located in the City Prairie building. Also 6000sqft.
· Listing: 206 West 17th Street [Corcoran]

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