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More Bad News from Incredible Shrinking Synagogue

Meanwhile, checking back in with the other January fire victim, the now demolished First Roumanian-American Synagogue on the Lower East Side, we get this camera phone pic from a regular contributor, along with this tip:

Some genius (NOT ME!!!) apparently tried to make off with the Star of David last night (looks like they were heading for my building, though), couldn't make it, dropped it, and it broke in half! This is a crime for which the rabbi of that temple should be held responsible. Truly sad.N.B. The star had been left sitting on the street for weeks: see Curbed Photo Pool evidence from early this month.
· Incredible Shrinking Synagogue Update: Moving Day! [Curbed] UPDATE: The Villager investigates the (bogus) property listing for the Rivington Street Synagogue site we uncovered a few weeks back. Verdict: "Donald Trump hasn’t come down here and said, 'Here's $15 million.'" Not yet, anyway.
· Rivington St. synagogue property is not for sale [The Villager]