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Ask Curbed: Pied-a-Terre or Rotating Guest House?

Today's topic? "Dealing with the myriad requests of friends/family/acquaintances who want to descend on your apartment in Manhattan." A lately harried homebuyer writes:

My husband and I recently signed a contract for a condo in a prewar building that is being totally renovated. For us this will be a pied-a-terre that we will be living in as much as possible. Having this as a guesthouse is anathema to us mainly because we want to be very respectful of our neighbors. Also, we'll be spending what is megabucks to us, so it's for our use - not for others to use as a free hotel.

Here's the problem: We've already received a few requests from friends for specific dates for their visits!! Yikes!! I'm very annoyed. I feel it's presumptious to already be asking/assuming to stay in our apt. None of our friends/family have any understanding about the sensitive issue of pied-a-terres in NY. I have no problem saying no because I'm kind of a tough cookie. My husband has a softer touch, so I'm a little concerned.
We know you've got some stories out there about loved ones hoping to sit in your new lap of luxury as well as suggestions for how to deal with such delicate topics. Do share ... in the comments below.