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Curbed Three-Pack: Code Red

Apropos of nothing, three listings with stunning red highlights:

What/Where: 1BR condo, 1st Ave.
Asking: $995K
What's Red: That pole
The Skinny: The pole is really the attraction here, but we'd also like to note that this is one of those listings that starts slow (see awkwardly phrased "Brand 'New to the Market'") and really builds. Awesome mid-listing reference to "pickled floors," which we bet half the Apartment Therapy crowd had to Google. And then the final crescendo: "Garage too. Own a lifestyle. Call now." You betcha.
· Listing: 630 1st Avenue Condominium [BrownHarris]

What/Where: 1BR condo, East 58th Street
Asking: $1.25M
What's Red: It's the carpet
The Skinny: Sweet Jesus, what is that transparent thing in the corner! First guess: oversized coin-sorter. Second guess: Wonder Woman's jet. Third guess (after cruising the 360-degree video): a dining room table with chairs. Probably colorless because they didn't want to distract from the carpet. 1400 sqft.
· Listing: 425 East 58th Street [Elliman]

What/Where: 2BR, 43 Clarkson St.
Asking: $2.20 million
What's Red: Broker Michael Raab's shirt
The Skinny: There's plenty more red here (see shades, couch, slashed price). Also exposed brick, city views, and entrance by elevator. Alternative floor plan shows the possibilities of a 3-BR conversion. Alas, no opportunity to convert broker Raab's shirt to white.
· Listing: 11 East 86th Street [Corcoran]