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Students of the taxicab map know that one Manhattan neighborhood has no name. The unnamed area (in red above) located east of Fifth Ave. between 23rd St. and 34th St.?known by residents as "the grey box"?has a serious identity complex. It's not Gramercy Park. It's not Murray Hill. So what is it?

Last year, Curbed tried to brand this neighborhood "20-Something," but for some reason the name just didn't stick. Suddenly the debate is alive again. Comments to this post have re-opened the discussion, but provided little resolution. Suggestions include Murray Hill, Kips Bay, Curry Hill and Rosehill, but we happen to love the suggestion by the frequent commenter known as "babs":

Maybe it should be called Gramurray? Because I really can't see calling anything north of 23rd St Gramercy, when the park itself stops well below that and 23rd, as a major artery, seems like such a logical divider.Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Gramurray.
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