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It Happened One Weekend: Hot Markets Include Harlem, Sky

1) In Harlem, churches must decide whether to cash in on the real estate boom there. Also, just how did Harlem become the new condo hot spot? It's all about the Lenox, baby (roof deck, above). [NYPost]
2) Finally, the air-rights-for-sale story we've all been waiting for. Don't the rules surrounding the transfer of unused development rights make the city seem like one big game of Monopoly? Special bonus: the tale of remorse over sold air rights at the center of this story has to do with Extell's Ariel West. [William Neuman/NYTimes]
3) For some reason, the Times ran an advertorial on 50 Gramercy Park North but forgot to label it as such. A sample: "Running my finger across translucent glass tile and smooth travertine, or beautifully finished cherrywood materials that are as soothing and tactile as they are sophisticated, I believe that if I lived there I would be able to breathe more deeply and have loftier thoughts, unimpeded by piles of paper or a jumble of mismatched pillows. I am drawn not only to the quality of the materials he chose but to the feeling of lightness and calm that his spaces exude." Uh, what? [Window Shopping/Suzann Slesin]
4) I think my broker is pricing my apartment too low, because my nosy neighbor said I could get much more. Who do I believe? The Post's real estate advice columnist chimes in. [NYPost]
5) In The Hunt, an Irish couple with a growing family and a penchant for bagpipes looks to move from their two-bedroom Brooklyn co-op to a house. Will their $600,000 budget hold up? [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
6) The market is slowing, except to those who say it is not. And Wall Street bonus money is the driving force right now, except to those who disagree with that statement. [NYTimes]