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Rhapsody on Fifth: Gospel to Condo

The comment thread of yesterday's It Happened One Weekend turned into an impromptu forum on Harlem development (well, before it descended into class warfare); lots of good info therein if you're shopping in the nabe. Inspired, a Harlem tipster updates us on another new development that got some ink in the Post this past weekend:

On Fifth Avenue and 127th Street, next door to Mount Moriah Baptist Church and its gospel singing and waves of German tourists, is nice big building. Following neighborhood demographics, it was first the "Columbus Club" and the "Finnish Cultural Society" and then a church. How 20th century! But now it is the 21st century, so Mount Moriah is getting a new neighbor. Luxury condos you say? What a lucky guess! It's called Rhapsody on Fifth.Bagel in Harlem is on the Rhapsody beat too, quoting a local thusly: "I know things have been changing around here. But the church?" No pricing yet, per its website, but enough joyous stock photography to take you to the next level.
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