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Destruction & Reconstruction Update-o-Rama

The Times updates two Curbed obsessions today, the Rivington Street synagogue destruction (above left) and the possible transformation of the Battery Maritime Building at the bottom of Manhattan (above right) into a gourmet food paradise. Key reveals:

Synagogue: "Preservationists have recounted a litany of miscues and failed efforts to help shore up the sagging building... In the end, the building was not given landmark protection. Now, according to zoning rules, it could be replaced with something far larger in a neighborhood that is rapidly being transformed by fashionable restaurants, shops and luxury housing." The rabbis say they're committed to rebuilding on the same spot, but the size or other usage of the new building is anyone's guess at this point.
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Battery Maritime Building: Not much new here on the idea to transform the old building into a thriving foodie haven just steps from the gondolas to Governors Island, save for the fact that the City issued its request for proposals yesterday. "What New York is really missing is a great market hall in a historic building," a New York City Economic Development Corporation rep tells the Times, prompting a Curbed emailer to quip, "That's the feeling of loss I wake up with every morning."
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