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WTC Chaos Update: Adrift, Seeking Paddle

Given yesterday's peppy news that the WTC Memorial is again full steam ahead, you'd be forgiven if you didn't want the real lowdown on the latest from The Pit. But architectural misanthrope Miss Representation can handle the truth, as his report from an LMDC "listening session" last week shows. Among the revelations:

1) "Still pending are the ‘commercial design guidelines’ which, if I understood the discussion correctly, will guide the architectural development of all the buildings on the site... There was no confirmation that any architects were participating, and if there we a logical place for Libeskind to be active, it would be here."
2) "A new -- to me -- and rather disturbing detail was revealed: due to security concerns, the perimeter of the PATH station will be solid concrete up to ten feet... so the two projects that have cleared design development and security review both will be completely opaque at street level."
3) "Snohetta was given a bit of a door prize in being invited to design the entrance to the Memorial on the western edge of the site (no images of the structure, or even how it works with the Memorial)."

In classic Miss Representation tradition, it's a long read, but worth it.
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