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Curbed Three-Pack: Rentals Around $4.5K; It's a Jungle

What/Where:3BR, 71st btwn West End & Riverside
Rent: $4500
The Skinny: This is like one of those cabins they build around a tree, except here they seem to have built around some sort of jungle. Lest you think you'll get to work with your machete once you move in, the listing sez "FULLY FURNISHED ONLY. Bring your toothbrush." Cool space though and especially fitting for your weekly "Lost" party.
· Listing: West 71st St. [Halstead]

What/Where: 2BR, Murray Hill, Lex & Park
Rent: $5000
The Skinny: This elephant at left is the only visual you're going to get, but, really, isn't that enough? Says broker Keith Vitali, "Tired of living in a shoebox? This spacious gem in the heart of Murray Hill has enough room for a pet elephant...You'll love this place and so will your elephant." Right on. Note, however, that the Pets Policy is "case by case," and so your elephant better not be the kind of elephant that shits on the rug.
· Listing: spacious 2br (conv 3) murray hill [DwellingQuest]

What/Where: 1BR, Peter Cooper btwn 7th and St. Marks
Rent: $4600
The Skinny: Alas, no wild animals or plantlife here -- at 700 sqft, it's unclear where they would go. But there is a terrace and a livable feel to the place. "Peacefully quiet," sez the agent, though the address suggests otherwise.
· Listing: 65 Cooper Square [Elliman]