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Tinkerville, Red Hook: Wish You Were Here

If you're tired of modern-day sarcasm and neologistic neighbohood-name mashups, perhaps a refreshing visit to the days of, say, 1872 Brooklyn will assure you that such pastimes are nothing new. According to some research by Callalillie, Red Hook residents can be comfortable in the knowledge that their forebears once trod the streets of "Tinkerville, Bunkerville, Slab City, Sandybank and ... Texas," according to an old Brooklyn Daily Eagle piece.

What did the article have to say about the spot "where Van Brunt Street ended"? "Red Hook Point stands out in bold relief as being the grand central and amalgamated cesspool and sink of low life in Brooklyn." Or how about if you lived in Slickville (aka Sleekeville), the area at the foot of Hamilton Ave., Luquer, Nelson and Hicks streets? Quoth Callalillie: "If you lived here in 1842, you probably lived in a swamp. Or, as the author of the article notes, 'in swampy desperation.'" Thus originated the popular postcard sign-off: "Yours, in swampy desperation."
· Tinkerville, Brooklyn [Callalillie]

[Photo via Flickr/vermilionink]