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Avery Party Report: Good Wine, Fresh Seal

So did Seal make booties bounce along the Hudson at the shindig for Extell's Avery (rendered at right), as promised? A tipster hit the party tent and filed this report:

The extravaganza kicking off the Avery was fantastic! Great food,wine and an awesome Seal concert. These folks must clearly be worried as they are advertising that closing fees will be partially picked up by the developer. Thanks for the concert and free food guys! Too bad a free dinner isn't a deciding factor when buying real estate. Building appeared average too from the flashing images.Wait a minute. Is this person suggesting that the insane amount of money poured into these lavish parties?parties featuring high-priced, top-level (sorta) entertainment?might not mean a lick when it comes to buyers actually plunking down their deposits? Dude, don't ruin it for everybody. There's free drinks to be had!
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