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Development Du Jour: Novare

Over on West 4th Street between Washington Square Park and Sixth Avenue, a Methodist church built in 1860 is going through the condo conversion drill, but in a very unique way. The churchiness of the exterior is being preserved, stained glass and all, but the inside is being revamped and divided into eight units now known as Novare. And just how did FLANK architects manage to pull that off? Through "extraordinary technological solutions," according to the Novare website (although the long and narrow floorplans may have something to do with it). And that's not the only jewel the website contains.

Besides the Jesusy tag line of "Come to be reborn," we're really digging this description of how residents and guests will bust through the 50 foot atrium that leads to the apartments: "A fingerprint-recognition system engages the massive solid entry doors. Inside, a full-time virtual doorman provides a myriad of concierge services, including visual entry control, package delivery, remote monitoring communcation, and drop-off service." A legendary hippie church, now controlled by robots. Whodathunkit?

Corcoran has four of the listings up on their website, including the $5.9 million penthouse, with a third bedroom, 23' ceilings and a 600-square-foot roof deck. But you know what? You could have 230' ceilings and a 6,000-square-foot roof deck, but it's still not going to remove the guilt you'll feel the first time you make nice with your partner in the Lord's house. That being said, however, this development does look kind of awesome.
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